Rider Fitness Expert Clare Gangadeen
Hi, I'm Clare

I help riders 'Be the Rider They Want To BE' with Supported Online Transformation Programs that make riders feel Confident, Stable & Able in the Saddle.

I Believe Every Rider Can Be GREAT!


Being a rider isn’t just about how well you ride. It’s much more than that.

Not everyone wants to compete at the highest level or be seen as a ‘professional’ rider.

Most, like me, just want to enjoy their horse, be aware and in control of themselves in the saddle, able to communicate clearly and effectively and be confident in their riding so that your horse looks to you for comfort, support and leadership.

This is what makes a Rider Great. A rider who wants to do the best they can, for yourself and your horse and ultimately. Your partnership.




The Strong Confident Rider Program

Doors Open 1st January 2024

Limited Spaces

    • Get a Proven Step-by-Step Expert Designed & Proven Rider Fitness Program

    The program has been expertly put together for you. Taking all the thinking and planning away to allow you to just progress. You will know when to workout and how often and have full instructional videos to follow, so you get the most out of every workout.

      • Improve Strength, Mobility and Balance

      The workouts are simple and highly effective exercises which have proven to transfer benefits to your riding. They allow you to gradually gain control over your body and become aware of its function and movement. Your mobility and balance improves, allowing you to focus on enjoying riding and being able to communicate effectively with your horse. Through your body, seat and subtle aids.  

        • Become Empowered

        Every Support Call with me allows you to ask any questions you have and for me to share all my knowledge and experience to help you to develop as a rider, physically and mentally. With knowledge, positive outlooks and being surrounded by people who believe in you gives you the power to gain control over your life, your riding and your perspective

          • Join a Community of Like Minded Riders

          There is nothing more motivating than engaging with riders just like you. Who understands exactly where you are. Your frustrations, your desires and the daily struggle you go through. When you join our community, you become family. We are all there to help you. 

            Transforming Riders to be

            Strong Confident, Stable & Able in the Saddle

            Whether you want to improve your riding ability, connection with your horse or are returning to the saddle following a period of time off or after an injury. It can be daunting knowing what to do, when to do it, and most importantly HOW.

            I provide you with a Proven, Structured, Simple and Slowly Progressive Program that improves body awareness and control through short rider-specific workouts you do at home. Giving you the ability to communicate effectively with your horse and ride with greater ease and feel, reducing rider aches and pains and enhancing your riding performance. 

            You have direct access to me every day through my mobile app where you can get additional support and guidance. I am there for you.

            You become part of a like-minded community with regular support calls with me, guest experts, and mindset coaching (optional). Together I show you how to reach your milestone goals we set together, taking you closer to your aspiration in ‘Becoming The Rider You Want To BE’.

            Client Review of Clare at RiderCise

            Clare has been with me every step of the way, sharing her knowledge and experience, acting as a soundboard, always encouraging and keeping me accountable. And I have been able to do all this from the comfort of my own home.

            After 40km rides, I can barely tell I’ve been on a horse and even after longer rides I seem to need little more than a day before I feel 100% recovered.”

            I am well and truly back in love with my sport and am thoroughly enjoying making plans for the future. RiderCise has played a HUGE part in this journey. A heartfelt thank you Clare for all your help so far – and long may it continue!


            For Riders who want to be Confident, Stable, Able in the Saddle

            Doors Open 1st January 2024
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