Specialised Rider Services To Improve
Riding Equilibrium And Rider Performance-


Conditioning programmes designed for horse riders

Improve cardio ability, flexibility, strength, movement patterns and dynamic response


Why do I Struggle to improve my riding?

Changing and improving the way you ride may not be as easy as simply changing your posture/position. 

Short-term, you may be able to adjust (opening your hips, adjusting your leg position, seating deeper, seat stabilisation, controlling your contact) but you would find that it takes huge amounts of effort which can often cause your body to compensate. 

When your body starts to compensate due to lack of strength, control and mobility, it impedes the horses ability to move. This often happens without us even really knowing.

Why is it not simple?

Muscles require conditioning for them to perform specific actions with minimal effort. This is why the exercises we may do, aren’t always transferable to our riding. Yes, some riders have natural ability and are able to control their riding with total ease. Others need to constantly work to maintain and further improve.

In addition, if you have muscular-restrictions, you could be physically hindered further. Restrictions can be caused by life itself, previous injuries, disabilities, and the process of forcing positional changes short term.

We, at RiderCise®, will help identify any restrictions you may have and provide you with the tools change and maintain.