Foundation Workout 1
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Foundation Routine 1
Think of Rider Fitness more as Skill Training.

Before you can improve you must first understand where you are.

This Short Workout will help you feel how much control and awareness you have when performing these simple movement patterns.

If you are not aware of how you perform on the ground then your perception of how you perform in the saddle may not be aligned.
Foundation Workout 2
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Foundation Routine 2
A Riders Core is often thought of as being just the abdominal muscles.

The truth is, it is all muscles which connect the pelvis to the spine.

Muscles work together and to have a true core the front (abdominal) must be equally as strong as the back (posterior).

The exercises in this routine engage the core in its entirety. The secret to core engagement is being able to control your breathing whilst doing it.
Foundation Workout 3
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Foundation Routine 3
When in the saddle, there are many things a rider must be consistently aware of:

- Direction of travel
- What is your riding objective
- How is your horse feeling
- What's in the bush!
- Listening to your coach

This can make communication with your horse challenging.

Communication comes from your mind, seat, legs and hands (squeezes)

This workout will help you to develop the strength, coordination and balance needed to provide clearer aids to communicate. So you can concentrate on where you are going!
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Equestrian Fitness Programs Designed by an Expert

Clare, Founder of RiderCise

The combined knowledge and hands-on experience make Clare one of the most qualified Equestrian Fitness Experts in the UK.

Clare has extensive experience as a fitness professional with over 18 years in the industry. Has advanced anatomy and physiology knowledge as a Soft Tissue Therapist and has owned and trained horses for over 20 years.

RiderCise was founded by Clare in 2016.

The idea for RiderCise was borne from a crisis of confidence Clare experienced after falling from her beautiful but big-moving new Friesian mare. As a fitness specialist and fanatic with a body sculpted to be strong, lean and responsive, Clare was shocked by her struggle to adapt to her new horse’s paces. The fall left her questioning her own competence in the saddle, but after some reflection, it dawned on her that cardiovascular fitness and strength may not be the only elements of being a ‘fit equestrian’.

Equestrian Fitness is not General Fitness

Clare realised general fitness was not improving her riding position and ability and horse rider fitness exercises should specifically condition the muscles that horse riders use with movements that mimic riding as closely as possible. It was with that philosophy in mind that Clare developed RiderCise – Equestrian Exercise Programs that improve your riding position, seat, balance, and core.

Her expertise in personal training, knowledge of human physiology and passion for riding gives Clare a unique approach that gets results.

The RiderCise equestrian fitness exercise programs have helped everyone from leisure riders right through to professionals competing on the international stage in a wide variety of equestrian disciplines. Today Clare dedicates her time working with clients across the world designing and coaching clients.

In 2020 Clare wanted to provide an even easier way for horse riders to improve their riding so Clare launched RiderCise On Demand with subscription options that cost than £1 per day. If you’ve ever felt that a lack of fitness has held you back in the saddle or prevented you from achieving the competitive results you deserve, why not take a closer look?

Why Choose RiderCise to Improve your Equestrian Fitness?

Equestrian Rider Fitness on a tablet


All of the Equestrian Specific workouts can be accessed on ANY device with an Internet connection, anywhere.


All of the exercises in the workouts are simple. There are no complex movements and impossible positions. Everything is achieveable.

Fully Supported

Whenever you need help, guidance or want your technique checked. Clare is there to support you every step of the way.


Every Subscription option is less than £1 per day.

Pilates alone doesn’t cut it

“When I recently completed a 140km endurance competition, I was as balanced and strong in the saddle at the end of the competition as I was at the beginning – how it should be”
Endurance Rider

I always thought I was fit to ride as I have a physical job

“When I started RiderCise we were competing Prelim and now, we are competing at Advanced medium, training PSG which is just so exciting!”
Dressage Rider

In just 4 weeks my instructor commented on how much better I was riding

“I signed up for RiderCise and can honestly say I have never looked back – it has been transformative”
Leisure Rider

How Does On Demand Work?

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