The Story
behind RiderCise®

The difference between 'Fit' and 'Fit to Ride'

Clare – Founder of RiderCise®

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Soft Tissue Therapist with over 14 years experience working in the fitness industry. My passion for horses started at a young age and continues to grow every day as my knowledge of these beautiful souls increases.

Being in the fitness industry I have always been actively fit by lifting weights and doing cardiovascular exercises which helped me more than many people when it came to riding but when it came to trying to progress and riding a powerful horse, none of it really mattered.

I suffered a fall from Annick who is a 2nd Premie Ster Mare with big powerful movement which destroyed my confidence. For the first time in my life, I was scared to get on a horse.

I didnt want to sell her but she was too good a horse to leave in the field and she deserved more. I was determined to get back on and be the best I could be, I just had to figure out how.


Following my fall I started to question myself;
“What can I do to ride better?”
“How do I become her ideal rider?”

It is these questions that led me to look at exercises that could specifically help riders be more stable in the saddle and improve their performance.


I set about developing a series of movement patterns, stretches, and exercises that would help prepare, strengthen and condition the muscles I used when I ride.

Many people believe that if they run, cycle, swim etc or do yard duties that they are fit enough to ride. Unfortunately, this is not true. If you want to improve your stability in the saddle and the way you ride you must train and condition the specific muscles a rider uses.

The RiderCise® Self Managed Programmes have been designed specifically using my extensive knowledge of fitness, anatomy, biomechanics and riding experience. The programmes are suitable for riders of any level, to develop the movement patterns, strength, and mobility of the muscles used when riding.


The RiderCise® programmes are not helping you shed fat, build muscle or run greater distances (I have other programmes for that as well) they are about helping a rider to be the best that they can be for their horse(s).

By improving the riders ability to control their body, become stronger and stable in the saddle it improves not only your riding but your confidence too. It doesn’t matter what discipline or what level you ride, I believe that every horse deserves a rider that can support themselves, have an independent seat and be clear in their communication.

My mission is to help riders to help their horses, because they all deserve it, just like Annick.

Our Vision

To improve the Fitness, Performance and Recovery of Equestrian Riders.

Our Mission

To provide riders of all levels, in any discipline, with an appropriate rider-training programme to develop the rider’s strength, mobility, stability and balance in the saddle, enabling the equestrian rider to improve the way that they move with their horse and competition success.

What is RiderCise?

Jessica Gale - International Dressage Rider

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