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RiderCise Alliance

RiderCise Alliance is bringing trusted, passionate, and dedicated businesses in the equestrian world together who share the same values.

When Clare founded RiderCise she had the vision to help riders ‘Be the Rider they Want to Be’. Through rider-specific workouts that are ‘Affordable, Accessible, and Achievable. Clare didn’t want time, money, or ability to stand in the way of any rider achieving their aspirations.

Whether that be to simply improve their relationship with their horse through improving their riding. To compete at the highest level possible. Or to have the fitness, strength, and confidence to get out and about to local shows. Meet up with friends, or even take on adventures across the world.

Clare is very passionate about doing the best for horses and riders and continually looks to provide value. In everything RiderCise does. RiderCise Alliance brings together people, brands, and services that share the same values as Clare, as RiderCise.

Values from companies founded by people who have started businesses for the love of the horse, the sport, and the enjoyment they get from helping others.

How are RiderCise Alliance Members Found

Clare has used, seen, and experienced every RiderCise Alliance member’s products and/or services independently. Without sponsorship.

By assessing the quality, customer service, and values of each member before discussing becoming a RiderCise Alliance member. Many products/services have been used in the 20+ years that Clare has owned horses. The members on this page are the ones that Clare knows share the same values.

RiderCise Alliance Benefits

Every subscriber to the RiderCise On Demand platform receives a discount from the Alliance members. To access your subscriber discount you need to log in to the On-Demand Platform and go to the private Alliance Page.

To qualify for Alliance Benefits you must be a RiderCise subscriber for longer than 30 days.

Mad Mucker

RiderCise Alliance

So, after a huge break, I started weekly riding lessons, and was then offered a wonderful retired hunter on loan – Bruce, a 17.2 grey with a giant heart and just a hint of a naughty streak! He changed everything, giving me a sense of purpose and achievement that had long been missing.

Back in the Saddle

I thoroughly enjoyed spending half my life knee-deep in muck and mud – even poo-picking and throwing up the muck heap! – and built some amazing new friendships. But one thing that was a challenge was finding good quality. Great fitting but affordable riding gear. That looked good in and out of the saddle.

At the time, I was working for a national sports organisation, and one of my responsibilities was the national squad kit – so I got to know my way around sports fabrics and the cut of a good legging! So – I put my love of horses and love of a good legging together, took one look at the bonkers women who were out on their horse, in the field, and in the arena in all weathers… and Mad Mucker was born!

Mad Mucker clothing looks good, fits well, washes even better – and doesn’t break the bank! Our Riding Leggings, Performance Tops, and Hoodies can all be worn to ride in, workout in, muck out in – or take you for a spin round the supermarket or around at the bar!!

And I finally picked up my camera again – and now do all the Mad Mucker photography as well as the odd photoshoot as Centaur Line Images. The next thing is to sort out is my middle-age spread – so Clare at RiderCise has a big job on her hands!!

We really hope you love our clothing and thoroughly enjoy wearing it wherever your Mad Mucker adventures take you!

Mad Mucker Logo

All RiderCise On Demand Subscribers get a 10% discount across the whole site, EVERY time you shop

Groen Equestrian

RiderCise Alliance

As an equestrian coach and an international endurance rider who has ridden at the highest level of international FEI endurance competitions, including the European Championships. Esther has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Ranging from horse management, improving riding skills, training physiology, stable management, saddles, biting, feet care, and food requirements.

Endurance Empowered Learning

The Groen Equestrian Endurance Platform enables riders to learn at their own pace through a library of tutorials. This method of learning makes it achievable for every rider to reach their aspirations.

A large portion of the Endurance Community Platform is free. Providing invaluable information on the basics of endurance. Like how to start and what you need. As and when you are ready you can dig deeper into specific areas by purchasing individual topics tutorials – making it easy bite-sized learning.

For the rider who prefers to learn methodically, following a learning path. You can sign up for the unique ‘Endurance: Step by Step’ course which gives you over 70 tutorials, a comprehensive workbook with exercises and tasks, and access to a Facebook Support Group, which includes a monthly zoom Q&A. You can complete the course at your own pace as you have access to for 1 year

Endurance Training with Esther Groen

All RiderCise On-Demand Subscribers will receive 20% off all paid tutorials AND the full Endurance ‘Step by Step’ course.

De-Complicating Dressage

From a young age, Jessica has had many successes as a rider, including:

  • 2012, 2014, and 2015 European Team Member
  • 5 x National Premier League winner at Advanced Medium and PSG
  • 3 x International winner
  • National Reserve Champion and Regional Champion

As a BD recognised coach, UKCC L2/3 & BD Youth Coach & Assessor, Jessica coaches at her base, Froxfield Dressage, and delivers clinics across the UK.

As a rider and coach who is incredibly passionate about helping others, she created The ‘Hub’. The subscription platform allows riders across the world to understand exactly where they are currently in their training. And provides them with expert guidance to reach their dressage goals and aspirations.

The ‘Hub’ members have access to training sessions, on-horse exercises, workshops, and articles. There is also the option to have your riding/tests analysed personally by Jessica. Allowing you specific feedback and advice to develop even further.

When you sign up to the ‘Hub’, Jessica will be there to support you whenever you need it via the 24/7 email hotline or the private Facebook Group.

Jessica Gale - De-Complicating Dressage

All RiderCise On-Demand Subscribers receive 1 FREE Month on the Hub

Clare has been an advocate of our saddles, specifically the Reactor Panel since 2012. She even trained with us as our South East Agent! We are super excited to be a RiderCise Alliance partner.

Saddle Exchange

All RiderCise On-Demand Subscribers £50 off any new saddle purchased directly from Saddle Exchange

Want Subscriber Benefits?

To qualify for an Alliance discount you must be a RiderCise subscriber for longer than 30 days.

Every Subscriber gets 10% off Everything from Mad Mucker, EVERY TIME they shop.


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