Who is a Bespoke Rider Fitness Program for?


If you are frustrated and de-motivated. Struggling to move forwards. Have tried everything and got nowhere. A Supported Bespoke Program is what you need.

A Supported Bespoke Program is more than a Fitness Program.

When you work with Clare directly you get the expert support, guidance, and reassurance to develop self-belief and confidence. Improve your riding ability and progress towards your goals.

Clare takes great pride in sharing as much of her knowledge and experience with her clients as possible. She sees her role to ‘Empower’ riders.

At the end of your working journey together, you WILL have the knowledge and confidence to move forwards on your own.

Jessica Gale
Jess Walker
What I Love Most Are The Short Workouts!
Jessamy, UK
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Leisure Rider

What I love most about the Strong Confident Rider Program are the really short workouts. 9-20mins is doable - you can pretty much fit it in while waiting for the veg to cook!
I feel that I am nore able to sit into my saddle, rather than be perched above my horse now. And I am far less bothered by his ridiculousness. The small wins come in really quickly and the feeling of support and help from the group is fantastic.
I can't tell you to join it quickly enough. Just do it. You won't regret a single penny/minute of it.

Using your Bespoke Service was Honestly a Game Changer in my Life
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Arianna Leoni-Sceti, Uk
2022 Mongol Derby Competitor

Using your Bespoke service was honestly a game changer in my life. Not only was it instrumental in getting me over the finish line (and feeling good!) in the world’s longest horse race but it changed my outlook on fitness - I looked forward to doing the exercises, seeing the results both physically and in the saddle, and felt good and like I was progressing. Especially if you have a goal, I would totally recommend the Bespoke service 

Jessica Gale
Diana Burgess
How Can You Put A Price On Progress
Diana UK
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5* Eventer and Coach

What I like most about the Strong Confident Rider Program is that it's all laid out for me. I don't have to think. I trust Clare and I trust her process. Everything is set up in the mobile app so all I need to do is follow the workouts set out in the app's calendar and attend the Support Calls. It could'nt be easier than that.
I love the support and accountability I get from the group. I am definitely stronger and more independent with my aids and feel I have more body control and awareness. I can feel how my improved riding ability is positively affecting my horses too.

Sally Farrall - Endurance Rider
Sally Farrall
RiderCise has Revolutionised My Life
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Sally Farrall, UK
Endurance Rider

Clare has been able to put the complete picture together for me and I have found that properly focused training is so much more enjoyable, sustainable, and successful.

I'm happily taking on new challenges with all three horses that, a year ago, felt well out of my grasp. One of my horses has a tendency for huge spooks and my automatic response these days is a calm "thank you Clare" as I stay firmly put in the saddle.

Jessica Gale
Helen Poulter
I Would Recommend Everyone Does The Strong Confident Rider Program
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Helen Poulter, UK
Leisure Rider

I've done the RiderCise programs before on my own but I suffered a fall down the stairs. This totally knocked my confidence as I lost fitness, strength, mobility and awareness of my body.

Initially, I had to think about the cost but it's a small price to pay to get back to where I wanted to be. I knew the program worked, I trusted Clare and her process. I just had to do it.

I have to say that it really has been so much more than I thought it would be. The attention to detialw tih everything. The body posture exercises (which have made a massive difference) and the rider specific workouts are amazing. The suppor from Clare and Tracey have been so helpful in lots of ways. It's great to catch up with others on their journey.

Sally Farrall - Endurance Rider
I May Even Get Back On A Horse!
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Pippa Brockington, UK
Non-Rider - At the Moment!

I began to experience problems with my knee – just one of them! – I couldn't even get up off the floor. Already overweight, more weight piled on and I ended up being a horrifying 19 stone. I gave up riding long before I got there.

11 months later and I’m fitter than I have been in a very long time. I no longer suffer from knee pain and can get off the floor very easily. Walk 10 miles, and carry heavy weights without throwing my back out and I have a lot more energy.

Jessica Gale
There Is Nothing Else Of This Caliber Out There
Laura, UK
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3* FEI Endurance Rider

The Strong Confident Rider Program offers a unique combination of rider-specific workouts tailored to your postural defects alongside NLP to help you manage negative thoughts to be confident in the saddle and when around your horses. I've found it hugely beneficial.
Understanding my postural weaknesses and then correcting them with a specific schedule of workouts has made a massive difference to my day-to-day life and riding.
The change in my posture is incredible and I know I am better able to sit those spooks or hairy moments. The associated NLP session have really helped me to manage those pre ride & during ride nerves.

If you get the change to sign up. You won't regret it. There is nothing else out there of this caliber that gives you the specific Rider Fitness, and Phychological coaching to improve your riding and confidence.

The Cost is FULLY Justified by the Quality of the Program and the Results Achieved.
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Elio, Uk
2022 Mongol Derby Competitor

Without Clare, I couldn't have done the Mongol Derby with the confidence & readiness needed. After 350km I had not one little muscle or anything else aching. I’m 56 & had to stop for other issues, but my body & muscles felt like I could have gone all the way to the derby finish line. 

Sally Toye 5 x Tevis Cup Finisher Mongol Derby Competitor 5 x England Home International Rider Over 10,000km endurance miles- Endurance Rider
Sally T
I Can't Imagine my Life without Clare & RiderCise
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Sally Toye, UK
5 x Tevis Cup Finisher
Mongol Derby Competitor
5 x England Home International Rider
Over 10,000km endurance miles

I first started working with Clare in 2017 when she prepared me for the Mongol Derby. Not only was I the 1st Brit home but I finished in joint place in 8 days. In honesty, I couldn't have been in better shape. I didn't suffer from aches and pains and needed no painkillers. I ended up giving them away! Being that fit allowed me to truly enjoy the amazing experience. Five years on, I have moved on to the RiderCise On Demand platform where I am still learning from Clare and I continute to get stronger and fitter for all the adventures I've yet to take.

Jessica Gale
Sue Williams
If You Get The Chance To Sign Up. Do It! It's Worth Every Penny!
Sue, UK
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Leisure Rider

I love the fact that the Strong Confident Rider Program is rider-specific and I genuinely feel the difference when I ride. I also think that by improving my posture, it will have a huge benefit to my long-term future health and mobility.

Four months in and it's been epic! I feel so much more body aware. I am stronger, more agile and definately a better rider. My confidence has improved as I feel more secure and balanced. I know I can still improve a lot more but WOW, what a start!

Sally Toye 5 x Tevis Cup Finisher Mongol Derby Competitor 5 x England Home International Rider Over 10,000km endurance miles- Endurance Rider
Annette Kriller
I Crossed the Mongol Derby Finnish Line
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Annette Kriller, Sweden
2019 Mongol Derby Competitor

Although Clare is based in the UK, the program was delivered via the mobile app so it didn’t matter where in the world I was. After 8 Short Weeks of working wtih Clare, I crossed the finish line in 17th place out of 27. I wasn’t first, but I wasn’t last, I was in the middle, where I wanted to be and more importantly, I finished. Not only did I finish this time but I also didn’t suffer from pain in my adductors, stomach or back, something that haunted me in the 2017 Mongol Derby.

If I had known about Clare sooner I would have started training for the Mongol Derby with her a lot earlier and who knows how good I would have felt then!”

Jessica Gale
Jessica Gale
Clare has Completely Shifted my Mindset
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Jessica Gale, UK
International Dressage Rider

I have been working with Clare for over 6 years now. Over this time she has completely shifted my mindset. I used to think rider fitness was something that I didn’t need but oh how wrong I was!

Clare showed me the huge changes I could make in my riding through improving my strength and fitness off the horse. There are many equine fitness businesses now setting up but very few actually focus on the muscles we use when we ride. Clare uses rider specific exercises that, when you do them, actually make you a better rider and improves the weaknesses that you have on the horse.

Jessica Gale
Laura Graham
Pilates Just Didn't Cut It
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Laura Graham, UK
FEI 3* Endurance Rider

As much as I love pilates, I’ve come to realise that to be the athlete and rider your horse deserves and to perform at your best then pilates alone doesn’t cut it.

Through working with Clare, I have identified weaknesses and how I am compensating for them. I’ve been able to work on addressing my weaknesses through a progressive bespoke program and have seen considerable improvement.
When I recently completed a 140km endurance competition, I was as balanced and strong in the saddle at the end of the competition as I was at the beginning – how it should be. Something I have never felt before.

Jessica Gale
I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Clare And RiderCise Sooner
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Bronte, Australia
Dressage Rider

After a nasty fall which resulted in snapping my femur in half, I felt lost with my recovery. I didn;t know what would jeopardise my recovery or what would help it, until I learned about RiderCise. Clare educated and guided me the entire journey from the day out of hospiral, up to now - 3 months later. My leg is fully healed and I am probably the strongedst I've been. I've learned how crucial it is to have professional guidance, and rider-tailored exercises.

I highly recommend RiderCise to anybody from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. I wish somebody had told me about Clare and RiderCise sooner.


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 Starting a Rider Fitness Journey can be daunting but Very Exciting Too! Working directly with Clare opens the doors to success.

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What’s Included

A Supported Bespoke Rider Program provides you with ALL the Steps below. With ‘Check-In‘ Calls every two weeks and Daily Support via the app’s messenger. 

Step 1: Video Consultation

An in-depth conversation directly with Clare to find out your current fitness and riding level. Your goals and aspirations and ideal timeline for success.

Step 2: Basic Movement Analysis

You will be given a basic program to complete so that Clare is able to assess your strengths and identify any areas that need particular focus.

Step 3: Bespoke Fitness Program

Clare will design you a bespoke program based on everything discussed during your consultation. You will receive a new program every 4-8 weeks.

Detailed Instruction

    • Each program has a full instructional video and explanation for every exercise.
    • You will have regular exercise technique checks directly with Clare


    • Every workout is scheduled into your diary on the mobile app which tells you when you need to workout.
    • You can track your progress and Clare gets notified each time


    • You will have bi-weekly 121 Zoom Calls to keep you on track and moving forward.
    • Direct daily access to Clare for any questions via text or the in-app messenger 

    What’s The Investment?

    JUST £350pm (every 4 weeks).

    There is a 3 month minimal term (due to all the planning and design work involved).  You will have continued access to your program and Clare during this term and you can extend or cancel at the end of the term.

    Book a Call

     Starting a Rider Fitness Journey can be daunting but Very Exciting Too! Working directly with Clare opens the doors to success.

    Book a Call to Discuss Having a Bespoke Program