Bespoke Rider Programme

£75 per week

Clare works with riders at all levels and disciplines helping them achieve their goals, no matter how ambitious or modest! A large majority of her clients just want to be more stable and balanced in the saddle and feel more confident.

Having a bespoke programme isn’t just for elite riders, it is for anyone who wants a programme designed specifically for your and your needs with the huge benefit of having direct access to a Rider Fitness Expert.

A minimum commitment term of 2 months is required.

Step 1 – Video: Initial consultation, goal and milestone planning

  • Go through your background and current fitness level and discuss your goal and timeline
  • Agree on the duration and regularity of your training programme and what equipment, if any, you will use.

Step 2 – Video: Fitness Level Review

  • In order to understand where you currently are and what you find difficult and easy you will be given a few exercises to do via the app and then in a few days you will connect with Clare via video to show how you do those exercises. It provides valuable feedback to Clare before moving on to designing your programme

Step 3 – Bespoke Designed Programme

A programme is then designed based on the initial consultation and is recorded and delivered as WOD via Mobile App (capable of streaming to your phone, tablet, computer or TV)

  • Your custom workout will be recorded as a whole workout where you follow along with Clare on screen – Workout On Demand (WOD).
    You will receive 1 Workout per 4 weeks, additional workouts such as Cardio workouts can be added for £65 per WOD.
  • Workouts will be scheduled into your calendar on the app so you know exactly when you need to workout
  • You can message Clare directly via the mobile app messenger for daily support

Step 4 – Programme Technique Session:

You have a few days to get used to your new bespoke programme and then you will connect with Clare online via video to go through the workout so you fully understand the workout routine and Clare can check your exercise technique and form. This is to make sure that you get the most from your new workout by performing each exercise correctly.

Step 5 – Support

During each 4 week period that your programme runs you have unlimited access to Clare for support, either by video call, phone or via the app. Clare will also contact you weekly just to make sure everything is ok and of course, she will be watching your adherence via the tracking on the app.

As soon as you purchase your first month, you will be sent an email to set up the mobile app and I will contact you to book your initial consultation.

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