Horse Rider Workouts

How Does It Work?

All of the horse rider exercises within the workouts have been chosen because they are proven to improve the strength of the muscles riders use when in the saddle. So you can rest assured that every workout you do will help improve your riding straightaway.

It couldn’t be easier to become rider fit, simply subscribe, log in and choose your workout. You will no longer need to think of what exercises you should do to make you a stronger, more balanced rider.

All you need to do is follow along with Clare in the workouts and start making progress. Clare explains exactly how to do each exercise and how it translates to improving the way you ride. Helping you to increase your knowledge and understanding of the benefits of rider fitness.

To make it truly accessible, you can access the platform on your phone, tablet, computer, or Smart TV. Basically, any device with an internet connection. This means you no longer have to find time to go to a class, get to the gym or miss out on becoming the rider you want to be

Benefits of our Horse Rider Workouts

Improve Balance

When you do our horse rider exercises, you will develop the awareness and control you need to become a balanced rider. You will be able to give clearer, more effective aids.

Learn from an Expert

Every workout is led by Clare. A Horse Rider Fitness Expert who works with riders across the world. From the everyday leisure rider to the aspiring elite and adventurists such as the Tevis Cup and Mongol Derby.

Sculpt Your Shape

Each Horse Rider Exercise Workout improves your cardio. Builds muscle. It burns fat and improves your mobility.

Having a complete workout means a maximum benefit for minimal effort

Boost Your Performance

Becoming a fitter rider will make you a better rider. You will be able to communicate effectively and effortlessly. Allowing you to progress faster. The horse is only as capable as the rider.

Equestrian Rider Fitness on a tablet

All workouts are designed using the 7 Key Components for Rider Fitness.

Equestrian Rider
Horse Show Jumping Balance
Event Fit
Polocross Ponies
Laura Graham Endurance - Review of RiderCise 2
Muscular Endurance
Event Rider
Reaction Response

Start with our Signature Series of Horse Rider Workouts

There are two levels in our Signature Series. Foundation and Intermediate. Both levels are 6 weeks in duration that slowly progress in duration and intensity.

We suggest everyone starting our programs start with Foundation before trying the other workouts. Each workout has been designed to specifically target the muscles that riders use in the saddle.

Think of the workouts as rider skill programs. Like riding you must first learn the basics before progressing. By starting with Foundation you will ensure that as you progress to the more exciting and challenging workouts that the correct muscles are benefitting.

Being generally fit doesn’t mean that your riding muscles are used to being activated. By starting with Foundation, you reduce the risk of after-workout aches & pains.

Foundation Horse Rider Exercises

Foundation Series

Foundation will teach you how to activate the muscle you use in the saddle. Developing body awareness and control. Preparing your body to step to Intermediate.

Intermediate Horse Rider Exercises

Intermediate Series

Intermediate advances the movements in Foundation by introducing equipment. The use of this equipment helps to mimic the instability of riding a horse brings. Further activating and developing control and awareness of your body.

Available Horse Rider Exercise Workouts

After completing the signature series, you will develop the awareness and control of your body which will allow you to progress quicker, with each workout. There are over 50 horse rider exercise workouts on the platform. Including those in Foundation and Intermediate. This offers riders a wide variety, without being overwhelming. You are able to choose your workouts based on the body area, duration, or level. The choice is entirely yours.

Browse just SOME of the workouts available on the platform.

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Horse Rider Workout Support

Starting a Rider Fitness Journey can be daunting, we get that! When you subscribe to RiderCise® On Demand you will get the support you need to succeed

In the RiderCise® Private Facebook group, you will be joining a community of like-minded riders across the world and will have access to Clare to answer any questions that you may have about your rider fitness journey.

Equestrian Rider Fitness Expert, Clare with 2 of her Friesian Mares

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