This Collection consists of 3 Kyphotic Correctional Workouts and 3 Kyphotic Progression Workouts for a static Kyphotic posture type.

If you are unsure of your posture type, please ensure you watch the video ‘About Posture’.

  • Start with Kyphotic Correction L1 and complete 3 times per week for 2 weeks before moving on to the next level. Which again should be completed 3 times per week, for 2 weeks.
  • Once you have done a total of 6 weeks of the Correctional Workouts, you can move on to the Progressional Workouts. These should also be performed 3x per week for 2 weeks at each level.

Kyphotic posture is an increased curvature of the thoracic (upper part) of the spine. It is typically due to bad posture but can also be it can also be related to age and conditions; Scheuermann’s and Congenital. It can also be a result of fractures, osteoporosis, and disk degeneration.

This posture is associated with weakened back muscles and can cause discomfort when lying down. You may have pain in the shoulder blades and upper back along with stiffness. Numb, weak tingling legs. And sometimes, shortness of breath due to the lung’s inability to expand fully. You can also have a Posterior Pelvic Tilt (PPT)

Kyphotic/Forward Head Correction

Kyphotic / Forward Head Progression