Improve Your Riding with RiderCise On Demand

On Demand helps Improve Riding Position and Seat

Improving Your Riding is made simple with On-Demand.

For a fraction of the cost of attending a class, a gym membership, or using a personal trainer you can access all of the PROVEN Rider Specific Workouts on any device with an Internet connection.

A subscription costs less than £1, which is even cheaper than a cup of coffee! Clare knows just how expensive horses are and wants to make sure everyone can have the opportunity to ‘Be The Rider They Want To Be

Horse Rider Fitness on Demand
Improve Your Horse Rider Fitness in the comfort of your home with RiderCise On Demand Subscription

Features & Benefits

On Demand workout videos

  • Short Simple Workouts
  • Easy To Follow Video Instructions
  • Proven To Improve Riding Ability
  • Can Be Done on Any Device With An Internet Connection, Anywhere
  • Easy to Fit Into A Busy Schedule
  • Saves Time And Money with Gym Memberships And Attending Classes
  • Support To Answer Any Questions
  • Highly Rated And Recommended

Expert Designed Rider Workouts

  • Develop Strength In Your Legs, Core & Upper Body
  • Improve Total Body Mobility & Flexibility
  • Improve Cardio Ability (HIIT Workouts)
  • Feel Safer In The Saddle
  • Ride Transitions Better
  • Stay In The Saddle When Your Horse Spooks
  • Improving Riding Performance
  • Reach Your Riding Goals & Aspirations
  • Ache Less After Riding, Feel Younger!
  • Boost Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Feel Great, Feel Positive!

Affordable Subscriptions

  • Affordable Subscriptions Are Less Than £1 per day!
  • Save Even More Money When You Sign Up for a Quarterly Or Yearly Subscription
  • Cancel Your Subscription Easily
  • No Hidden Or Surprise Costs, Just Access To Everything You Need To Improve Your Riding

What People are Saying

Read the Real Life Reviews from our Riders and how On Demand has Improved Their Riding

Diana Burgess Shares her Success with RiderCise On Demand
Diana Burgess Shares Her Success with RiderCise On Demand
 Improve Riding Position Success with Helen Bishop
Helen Bishop Shares her success with RiderCise On Demand
Jenny Abrey Shares her success with RiderCise On Demand
Jenny Abery Shares her Success with RiderCise On Demand

Frequently Asked Questions

The RiderCise workouts are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their riding fitness, mobility, strength and balance. And if you are not currently riding, then you will definitely be rider fit when you do get back into the saddle!

When you subscribe you will receive two emails. 

  • Welcome Email – Confirming your subscription and how to cancel if you ever want to.
  • Platform Email – Providing you with your Log On Details to the On Demand Platform and a link. 

You are also able to log in to On Demand Platform via the RiderCise Website in the top corner you will see ‘Log On’ – simply click that. 

We suggest you save the address in the link sent in the Platform Email for easy access.

The RiderCise Signature Programmes have been designed to help all riders of all disciplines at any level, so whether you are exercising already or riding to a higher level, it is recommended that everyone starts with Foundation Routine 1, Week 1&2.

Each of the workouts in the Signature Programs target the specific muscles that riders use, and although you may think you are using the right muscles already, there is a chance you aren’t, so it’s best to play it safe and start off gradually to avoid muscle soreness. 

Starting with Foundation also allows you to start finding a bit of time in your busy day to do rider specific exercises without it being overwhelming. 

As you progress through the levels, the duration, and intensity increase.

There is no equipment needed for the Foundation Level or for the Stretch Routines. 

For the Muscle Release Techniques, you will need a tennis or small physio ball.

For Intermediate and Advanced you will need some small inexpensive pieces of equipment which are explained in our Equipment Page

Once you have worked your way through the levels, you can alternate between workout routines of all levels depending on your mood, time available or focus.

When you alternate through the routines you will still be developing skills and adding benefits to your riding all of which will continue as long as you do the workout routines. This is one of the reasons that RiderCise On Demand is so amazing, because it never stops giving.

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When you subscribe, you are able to sign up for the private Facebook Support Group. Within this group you have direct access to Clare to ask any question you may have. 

Clare provides weekly LIVE’s to answer any questions and there is also the opportunity to post riding and exercise videos for further help.


There When You Need

Starting a Rider Fitness Journey can be daunting, we get that! This is why Clare offers support to all riders when they subscribe to RiderCise® On Demand to improve their riding.

In the RiderCise® Private Facebook group, you will be joining a community of like-minded riders across the world and will have access to Clare to answer any questions that you may have about your rider fitness journey.

In the group there are:

  • Weekly Question Posts:
    This is where you can ask Clare anything about your rider fitness journey
  • Weekly LIVE Videos:
    Clare will answer all of the questions asked in the Weekly Question Post
  • Exercise Technique Checks:
    If you are not sure about a certain exercise Clare will personally review and advise your short exercise video
  • Riding Video Assessments:
    If you have struggled in the saddle and can’t put your finger on it Clare will personally review your short riding video and help shed some light.

Find a Plan That’s Right For You.

All Subscriptions Come With A FREE 7 Day Trial


£19.99 / month

  • Just £0.66p per day.
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Full Access
  • FaceBook Support


£46.59 / quarterly

  • Only £0.51p per day
  • Billed every 3 Months
  • Full Access
  • Facebook Support

Best Value

£167.90 / yearly

  • Only £0.46p per day.
  • Billed Yearly
  • Full Access.
  • Facebook Support


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