Postural Correction Workouts

Most of us would consider ourselves to have good posture, especially being active caring for and riding horses. As we get older and with the stresses of life, our posture can be compromised. And because the body is so amazing, these changes are often gradual which means we won’t necessarily realise that our posture has altered and is no longer considered ‘good posture’.

Shortened or lengthened muscles are not able to function correctly. This means that as hard as you may try, you’re physically not able to rise/sit 2-point in the saddle correctly. Your body is working against you. You may achieve it momentarily as your coach shouts across the arena but it’s not sustainable. Furthermore, forcing your body into a posture to which it is not accustomed to will put stress and strain on your body and create aches/pains or create compensation reactions.

Engaging your core when riding is based on your body’s core muscles working together. If any of the ‘core’ muscles are compromised because of posture, then it’s an uphill battle.

These workouts have been designed to improve your static posture, thereby improving your body’s ability to work as a whole and engage your core to stabilise you in the saddle.

If you are not sure what posture type you are, please ensure you watch the ‘About Posture’ video first.

If you have good posture. You can do any of the workouts as you choose. They will simply enhance your body’s optimum function.

Step 1: About Posture

The word ‘core’ is heavily used in the equestrian world but has it been explained to you what your ‘Core’ ACTUALLY is?

This webinar will provide you with an understanding of what your Core really means and how it can effect your ability to progress your riding.


Step 2: Taking Photos

Learn how to take your photo so you can assess your posture. Once you know which posture type you most resemble. You will know which Postural Correction Program you should do.

Postural Correction Workouts