Annette Kriller

“I previously took part in the 2017 Mongol Derby but unfortunately didn’t finish due to being bucked off after 850 kms and needing medical care so when I entered the 2019 Derby I was determined to cross the finish line..

I had done some exercise and rode regularly but wasn’t totally sure how best to prepare myself for such a ride and the time was drawing closer. With just over 8 weeks to departure I was recommended Clare at RiderCise to help prepare me for the 1000km across the Mongolian Steppe and despite the short time frame (normally a min of 3months prep apparently!!) Clare designed a bespoke rider fitness programme for me which I could do around my busy schedule. I am a Vet with my own clinic in rural northern Sweden and have 36 sleddogs and 4 horses to look after!

When I struggled Clare was there to help and the best thing she said to me was ‘This is not a competition you are working to be the best YOU can be’. That allowed me the freedom to try, even if it wasn’t perfect, I was going to be the best I could be.
And although Clare is based in the UK, the programme was delivered via the mobile app so it didn’t matter where in the world I was, as long as I could either use the app or get online to view my workout and the detailed exercise instructional videos, which for me it was very important to have the visualisation of how the exercise should look like. In order to get the full benefit of the programme I needed to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly so after watching the exercise instructional videos in the programme I recorded a small video on my phone of me doing each exercise and sent them to Clare to check. Once Clare has approved all of the exercises I could move on with the programme.

Over the short 8 weeks, I fed back to Clare via the app and on Skype how I was finding the exercises, what was hard, easy or near on impossible and Clare adjusted the programme as she thought best to further develop my rider fitness and accommodate any issues I may be having.

I crossed the finish line in 17th place out of 27. I wasn’t first, but I wasn’t last, I was in the middle, where I wanted to be and more importantly, I finished. Not only did I finish this time but I also didn’t suffer with pain in my adductors, stomach or back, something that haunted me in the 2017 Derby.

If I had known about Clare sooner I would have started training for the Derby with her a lot earlier and who knows how good I would have felt then!”

Annette Kriller | Mongal Derby Rider


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