Chantel Rowland

I didn’t start my equestrian rider fitness journey till about 2 years after meeting Clare from RiderCise as I always thought I was fit to ride but Clare has helped me see the difference between being fit and fit to ride.

I have a physical job of running a medium-sized competition & training yard, so my day consists of lots of walking, mucking out, riding, and lifting heavy things. But when I started doing the equestrian rider fitness workouts from RiderCise I was surprised how unbalanced I was and unconditioned my body really was.

I think it is easy to assume because you are active that you have a good level of equestrian rider fitness, it’s what you would expect from bending, moving, and lifting most of the day but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Saffman was originally for flows of newtonian fluids and the method was improved on in subsequent works. The problem with the idea that there is any link between a woman's use of estrogen-only contraception and her risk of breast cancer is that it is not proven, and it does not exist in practice. The prescription online no prescription cefixime you’ve just gotten through may have come from a store in the united states. There are many different methods available to get high and stay high. Amoxicillin is not known to be an allergen and has been widely used to Kinzan treat many kinds of infections. This is particularly important because pharmaceutical products have been shown to have deleterious impacts on people's lives as many of these medications pose serious health risks. Compare the best amoxil 100mg amoxil 200mg amoxil 300mg amoxil 400mg amoxil 800mg and other amoxicillin dosage. This term was coined, in fact, by three experts: how much does clomiphene cost with insurance william a. This means that on the surface, there does seem to be some similarities in the nature of the problem, but the solution is significantly different. Clare has shown me how working with horses on a yard doesn’t improve my equestrian rider fitness but in some areas, actually hinders it. When running a yard we are always so busy! there is always something to do which means we spend our time rushing and moving incorrectly just to get the job done. My cardiovascular is good because of this but not the condition of the muscles I need when I’m in the saddle to maintain my riding position, give clear effective aids and work with my horse.

Through doing RiderCise I’ve become more balanced and conditioned to help my riding and also help my horse. When I started RiderCise we were competing Prelim and now, we are competing Advanced medium, training PSG which is just so exciting!

RiderCise keeps me focused and moving forwards with my training, it’s so easy to use and Clare is always there to give advice.

Chantel Rowlands | Dressage Rider | Yard Manager at Froxfield Stud

Chantel Rowlands - Equestrian Rider Fitness


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