Chantel Rowlands

“I have known Clare a few years now, but only got into RiderCise about couple years ago. I always thought I was fit to ride as I have a physical job of running a medium competition & training yard, so my day consists of lots of walking, mucking out, riding, lifting heavy things and so on. I was surprised when I started RiderCise how unbalanced I was and unconditioned my body was.

Through doing RiderCise I’ve become more balanced and conditioned to help my riding and also help my horse. When I started RiderCise we were competing Prelim and now, we are competing Advanced medium, training PSG which is just so exciting

I love the RiderCise app as it gives you a reminder in the day, keep’s a check of your progress, keeps me focused in my training, it’s so easy to use and Clare is always there to give advice.”

Chantel Rowlands | Dressage Rider


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