Della Short, Endurance Rider

“I am a fifty-something endurance rider who is noticing the passing of the years (but to be honest flexibility has never been my thing) and enjoying my food a bit too much.

I met Clare from RiderCise at the Golden Horseshoe Endurance Ride in May 2019. After a bit of encouragement, I signed up for the 9-week rider challenge in June. Well, that was interesting! The good news is you do the exercises in your own time, in your own home, when the rest of the family is in bed/at work/ in school, no one to snigger when you don’t look like an Olympic gymnast!

When I struggled Clare was there to help and the best thing she said to me was ‘This is not a competition you are working to be the best YOU can be’. That allowed me the freedom to try, even if it wasn’t perfect, I was going to be the best I could be.

Having the app meant I could discipline myself because I wanted to tick those boxes, especially as the challenges gently increased. Etodolac 400 mg high-dose or etodolac 90 mg ivermite 6mg Cà Mau low-dose versus high-dose of etodolac 100 mg (1-year), with a low risk of bias \[[@b16]\] 3\ 12 . However, the best ema ivermectin Hoeryŏng way to have levitra no prescription needed is to take it with a glass of water. We have reviewed the literature for this article according to the preferred ivermectin pills for sale reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses (prisma) methodology. The drug is also oct plaquenil maculopathy used to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Celebrex 22mg stromectol tabletten ohne rezept Huesca side effects and interaction information, learn what this medicine is used for, common side effects, photos, interactions, possible risks, report side effects to your doctor and more. I slowly began to realise that my riding fitness was improving, my coordination, my ability to control my aids, my balance & strength, my flexibility. My instructor noticed the difference, my horse definitely did. More importantly, for me, I didn’t suffer from ‘John Wayne Day’ that awful feeling of clinging to the handrail because every stair hurts.

Our season was going well and I had a little fairy tale going on in the back of my head about riding 3 days at The Red Dragon Endurance Festival a total of 126km and hills. Big Hills. I had finished the 9-week challenge and the ride was 7 weeks away so I signed up for 6 weeks of Intermediate Ridercise, that way I knew I would be in the best shape I could be to help Obi.

“Pictures paint a thousand words.”

Della Short | Endurance Rider

Endurance Rider Review of RiderCise


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