Jessica Gale, International Dressage Rider

“I have worked with Clare for over 3 years now and in this time she has completely changed my approach, knowledge, understanding and motivation to exercise.

As a rider herself, Clare understands that riders don’t have hours to spend in the gym and can’t be sore and unable to muck out/ride and although the exercise sessions are short and simple, they make such an incredible difference to your riding and can be fitted in to any part of a horse riders day – no excuses!

By doing exercises that are rider specific I am focusing on the issues that I have in the saddle and so every session I do is improving me as a rider and also my horse. My position has improved, I’m more balanced and stronger through my core and my horses are thanking me for it! And my scores have gone up too!!”

Jessica Gale | International Dressage Rider / De-Complicating Dressage


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