Tracey Thompson

“A friend introduced me to the ‘RiderCise 9 week challenge’ and I decided to give it a go. I liked the idea that it was designed with horse riders in mind and works to improve core strength and balance.

I was concerned that due to my mobility problems I might struggle to do the program but chatting to Clare put my mind at ease. The challenge starts with ten minutes of exercise and stretching three times a week and is easy to fit in.
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I had a spinal injury in 1998 and it’s very easy to just accept the limitations that it brings but RiderCise has taught me that I can improve my mobility. At the start of the challenge, I used to watch the video on the app, and then seeing my attempt was pathetic. My legs just would not give me that range of movement and for a few weeks, I really did wonder if they ever would. Now I am not claiming I have morphed into a Russian gymnast but I certainly have gave gained greater flexibility.

I would recommend the program to anyone and it’s ideal for people short of time. It can be difficult fitting in visits to the gym etc but you can do this anywhere at any time. Clare is brilliant at what she does and I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say she can improve your riding, core strength and balance. Give it a try and your horse will reap the benefits.”

Tracey Thompson | Endurance Rider

Tracey Thompson, Endurance Rider- Improve Core and Balance


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