Rider Therapy




What is Rider Therapy and how can it help me?

Many of us have or do suffer from some form of muscle ache, pain and/or muscular restriction. All of which can affect the way we move and our ability to ride.

As riders, we tend to ignore these ‘niggles’ and ‘carry on’ as the body is amazing and often finds a way to cope. Short term this may be ok but long term it can not only affect our horses way of going but it starts to make life in general difficult and uncomfortable.

RiderCise Therapy provides relief to riders who are suffering from muscular aches, pains and/or restrictions which may be affecting the riders symmetry and balance in the saddle or their ability to move with the horse and provide clear effective aids.

Some common issues riders experience:

  • Not being symmetrical in the saddle
  • Can’t stay stable in the saddle during transitions
  • Struggling to provide clear leg aids
  • Difficulty keeping a constant contact
  • Unable to perform lateral work equally on both sides
  • Horse showing signs of muscle atrophy or soreness through the back or hind
  • Uneven saddle flocking wear
  • Lower back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain or general aches and pains after riding

Rider Treatments

If you are experiencing aches/pains or issues with your riding we can use a range of advanced soft tissue techniques to address and provide you with some relief. Results are often instant.

“Soft Tissue Therapy provides assessment, muscular testing and treatment using a range of advanced techniques which manipulates the soft tissues of the body i.e. muscles, connective tissue fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints”

Treatments – £65

Clare will visit you at your yard and record and watch you ride. Take a full history and complete a posture assessment. A treatment plan will be discussed and provided and follow up recommendations.

Total time is 75mins for the first session and 60mins for follow ups. Travel charges apply.

Discounts available for multiple riders at the same location.

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Rider Assessments

If  you are having a specific issue with your riding, such as struggling with lateral work, stability in the saddle, collapsing through transitions etc then we suggest having a Riding Assessment prior to your Treatment as this will help us to identify any possible reasons as to why you may be experiencing riding issues and allow us to treat more effectively.

If you would like us to work with your existing team, we can analyse your riding via video and provide you with a report.

Video Assessment – £25

Clare will contact you to discuss any specific concerns you may have and what you are looking to achieve. She will also explain the best way to record your riding and provide you with a set floor plan to follow to ensure all angles are captured.A report will be provided which highlights any possible reasons which may be causing your issues. The findings will be discussed with you and advice given as to what your next plan of action should be.

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Assessment In Person – £80

Clare will visit you at your yard and record and watch you ride, take a full history and perform a posture assessment.

Together we will discuss the findings, your goals and devise a treatment plan

Total time is about 2hours. Travel charges apply

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Rider Rehabilitation

Rider Rehabilitation – £POA

We often suffer from sprains, brakes and surgery during our riding life, although more often than not, most injuries are not riding related!

We are able to provide treatment and bespoke designed rehabilitation exercise programmes to help develop the mobility and strength required to get you back on your feet and in the saddle.

If you are already working with a team to get you back riding, we are more than happy to work alongside your existing team and provide you with an Online Rehabilitation Training Programme.

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