I have been doing RiderCise for over 5 years now and it has truly revolutionized my riding life and fitness.

Working out with RiderCise has gone beyond just improving my physical fitness and riding ability. It has improved my mental and emotional fitness to ride. Allowing me to take on any challenges, rider, and adventures that come my way. 

I have learned more than I can possibly tell you in 500 words but the big picture is. I am a much better team player with any horse I ride. I am more balanced. I am stronger and I am certainly more knowledgeable about what I am about!

My First Encounter

I first approached RiderCise 5 years ago when I finally could not find any more excuses to stop me from entering and doing the Mongol Derby.

I remember the first time I met Clare and I casually asked if she could get me fit enough to ride a multi-day 160kms+ on semi-feral horses.

As casually as I asked the question, she casually looked me in the eye and said “sure”. I believed what she said but when I got to about the third day of the Derby when I gave all my painkillers away to a rider who really needed them I wasn’t “sure”!

I knew then the superb calibration of RiderCise. I didn’t need any pain medication and I was having the time of my life. I was the first British rider home and although I was thinner I was fine! If you want to read more about how Clare prepared me for the Mongol Derby, you can read my review here…

Sally Toye - International Endurance Rider

Sally Toye
5 x Tevis Cup Finisher
2017 Mongol Derby Competitor
5 x England Home International Rider
Over 10,000km endurance miles

Sally Toye - 2017 Mongol Derby Competitor

RiderCise Now

I rode the Derby in 2017 and have continued my RiderCise journey since. Why wouldn’t you?

I have seen RiderCise develop tremendously in those 5 years. Expanding the services offered to riders with the release of the On Demand Platform to provide an ‘Affordable, Accessible and Achieveable‘ way for riders to improve their rider fitness.

When I was training for the Derby I was on a Bespoke Progam due to the amount of program planning required by Clare to prepare me for such a life-changing experience. But moved to On Demand when it was launched and now work out with Clare 4 mornings a week.

I follow along with Clare on the videos which are perfect because I can look at her form and tweak what I am doing. I love seeing that she finds it hard too with the “I cheated there” and “just one more” comments. It’s inspiring and motivating. As Clare says, ‘we all wobble’ when doing these exercises, that’s why we are doing them! to get better. To be our Best.

I know I am strong and stable in the saddle and I am using the correct muscles riders should be using. I am a better partner for my horses. I am a team mate.

More Than Just Rider Fitness

I have also found that the RiderCise workouts have improved my Park Run times which now can be sub 30 minutes for a flattish 5km course. My running then improves my cardiovascular ability to push harder in the workouts. I am continuing to get fitter and fitter!

This year I rode a 80km on my 7 year old taking 8 hours to do it.  Because I was in control of my own body I was able to be truly independent so he could do his job, I could do mine and together we worked harmoniously as a team. I was even able to hop off during the ride and run with him to give him a break. 

Sure I was tired afterward, we both were. 80km is a long way but we both slept well and looked and moved fantastically the next day.  Win win!

New Services from RiderCise

Recently I had a Rider Performance Session with Clare on the Racewood Simulator and this was such a game changer.

I got to see some of the things I do with my upper body and my lack of give with my hands. I had no idea!

As a direct result of that session, I felt more knowledgeable about what I needed to work on and I am working on it. It was a huge bonus being able to ride in my own saddle so it translated directly to riding my horse. I know this as I had a jumping lesson this week (very small jumps) and after doing some jumping on the simulator I was so much better at riding a small course of jumps.

It gave me invaluable time to just work on myself. Rather than helping a 7year old learn what to do. My instructor was impressed and so was I! I was more confident, secure, and looking to the next jump and as the session progressed Bobby was (you’ve guessed it) more confident, secure, happy and yes he was looking for whatever was next. 

I have made tremendous progress with my riding in the last 5 years and have no doubt I will continue to ‘Be The Best Rider I Can Be‘ because I will RiderCise is part of my life.

Racewood Simulator Rider Performance Session with Sally Toye

Find Out More About Fitness Programs

There are two Options available. Work Directly with Clare or Work Out using our On Demand Video Subscription Platform. Simply choose which suits you best to find out more.

Bespoke Programs


Work directly with Clare from anywhere in the world. 

Have a Fitness Program Created for you, based on your needs, desires, and aspirations. You will be kept accountable and receive regular check-in video calls, and have daily message support.

On Demand


Accessible, Affordable, Achievable Rider Fitness

Access over 50 Expert Designed Rider Fitness Workouts. Accessible from any device with an internet connection. Monthly subscriptions are just £9.99per month. Cancel anytime. Optional Support available directly with Clare. 

Or Learn More about In Person Services

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Do you want to Learn how to improve your riding ability, position and communication with your horse?


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