FEI 3* Endurance Rider - Laura Graham

Laura Graham

3* FEI Endurance Rider


Hi, my name is Laura Graham and I compete in endurance on my own horses which I ride and train at home in the Shropshire Hills. I have followed my mum’s passion for endurance riding, competing in the discipline since the age of 11. I have now been training and competing within Endurance for 26 years.

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Emma Kent - Grade 3 Para Dressage Rider

Emma Kent

Grade 3 Para Rider – Dressage


Hi, my name is Emma and I compete in National s.and International Para dressage with my own horse Laddie. I have a rare genetic congenital syndrome called Holt Oram Syndrome.

This means that my arms are very short and abnormally formed, I have no shoulder joints and my nerve pathways to my whole body are effected. I’m often in lots of nerve pain. I also have a heart condition and has a home repaired when I was only 3 years old.

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Emma Kent - Grade 3 Para Dressage Rider

Diana Burgess

4* Eventer and Coach


Hi, my name is Diana and I have evented up to 4* with appearances at Blenheim and Brahman. 

Originally from Canada, I have trained under Bruce Davidson and Lucinda Green. 

Today, I am based in Hampshire and am passionate about coaching riders to achieve their aspirations as well as competing as much as I can myself.

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