45min Private Support Call with Clare - £25

This session is for you to get advice or support on anything rider fitness related. Whether you want to discuss what workouts you should do to achieve a goal. Get guidance on returning to riding following injury or time off.

Need advice on your exercise technique or form or want to know more about nutrition.

Note: If you are seeking advice following an accident or surgery, I will need full background information along with any guidance provided by your surgeon/consultant/Dr. Along with any relevant X-ray’s, MRI or Ultrasounds.

Rider Performance Expert

45min Online Video Riding Session -£35

All you need is:

  • A good connection (Data or Wi-fi)

  • Headphones

  • Someone to hold your phone for the duration of the session

You don’t need an arena. Just a safe space to walk, trot and canter (if applicable).

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1.5hr Equestrian NLP or Time Line Therapy Call

Tracey Cole is an accredited trainer and master coach of applied psychology methods including neurolinguistic programming, Create Your Future®️ and Hypnotherapy. She works with equestrians of all abilities, disciplines and ages to enhance performance, remove doubts and instil confidence.

Tracey works with RiderCise in the Strong Confident Rider Program. She is offering On Demand Subscribers a 15% discount when they book an Equestrian NLP or Time Line Therapy Call.

To take advantage of this, simply contact Tracey by clicking below, detailing that you are an On Demand Subscriber

Tracey Cole - Equestrian Mindset Coach