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What are Supported Rider Programmes?

“Reach your potential”

Some riders just need more support and motivation and that’s ok! The Supported Programmes have been designed for just that, to be there when you need it.

Clare will be there to ‘pick you up’ when you need it, ‘push you forwards’ when you are struggling and being there to just ‘listen’.

The RiderCise® Athlete Rider Programme

The Rider Athlete programmes offers riders the opportunity to have 1:1 direct contact with Clare to discuss, agree and have your training managed.

This is an exceptional personable service where Clare takes the journey with you and is there to ‘listen’, ‘guide’ and ‘advise’.

There is regular contact, feedback and programme adaptions to ensure that every corner is covered to helping you succeed.

This programme is perfect for those who want to achieve a specific goal of either preparing for a competition / endurance ride,
fat loss, building lean muscle or a combination of goals within 3 – 6 months or longer.

Included in this programme:

– Initial consultation, goal and milestone planning
– Bespoke exercise programme
– Bespoke stretching programme
– Regular programme changes as and when needed
– Nutritional Guidance and Meal Plan
– Daily Support via the mobile app messenger
– Weekly Calls via Skype/Face Time – 30mins
– Access to the RiderCise® Private group page

£67.50GBP/ Weekly*

  • Timeframe

    The minimum sign up is 3 months.

  • Days

    Agreed in consultation

  • Duration

    Agreed in consultation

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* First month is payable in advance

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