Do You Want To Improve your Riding Ability?

Boost your Confidence, reduce riding aches & pains and start making the most of your horse?

Clare works with riders across the world, designing bespoke rider fitness programs and providing 121 support. Working with a range of riders from the everyday rider. To the aspiring elite and the more adventurous such as the Mongol, Gaucho Derby and Tevis.

Although Clare knows that the RiderCise Workouts give riders everything they need to ‘Be The Rider You Want To BE’.

She also fully appreciates that there are riders who would prefer to work directly with her. If you need to be kept accountable, need support and guidance. Want Clare to do all the thinking and planning for you then a Bespoke Program is for you!

You may not be riding. Perhaps returning from an injury or time out of the saddle. Or looking to lose some weight before getting on board. Whatever your current status is and your future goals and aspirations. Working directly with Clare will get you there.

In addition to providing a Bespoke Service to riders, Clare also travels the UK delivering Ridden Rider Performance Session Clinics and  Simulator Experiences at the Racewood Training Facility in Cheshire.


Image of Clare and her horse Annick

The combined knowledge and hands-on experience and a Coach, Fitness Professional, Soft Tissue Therapist, and Rider. Makes Clare one of the most qualified Equestrian Fitness Experts in the UK

Find Out More About Clare’s Services

There are a variety of ways Clare can help you become the ‘Rider You WANT To Be‘. Whether that is having a bespoke rider fitness program designed or working on your riding on your horse or the Simulator

Bespoke Design Rider Fitness Programs


Do you need to be kept accountable and guided towards reaching your riding aspiration?



Ridden Rider Performance Sessions


Do you want to Learn how to improve your riding ability, position and communication with your horse?


Simulator Rider Performance Sessions


Would you like to find out the real cause behind your riding challenges and learn how to finally improve?