RiderCise launches Rider Fitness On Demand Workout Platform

RiderCise has launched Rider Fitness Workouts On Demand to help riders across the world improve their riding.

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RiderCise, founded in 2016 by fitness professional and soft tissue therapist Clare Gangadeen, came about following a riding accident. Clare was riding her beautiful Friesian mare Annick but her high level of fitness didn’t give her extra security in the saddle. As a result, she had a nasty accident that shook her to the core.

Rider Fitness On Demand provides riders with full instructional videos where riders can follow along with founder, Clare. This means riders ensure they are performing the exercises correctly and getting a transferable benefit.

Subscriptions to the platform are all less than £1 per day! RiderCise makes Rider Fitness ‘Affordable, Accessible & Achieveable’

Rider Fitness is not General Fitness

Riding fitness improves the way you ride, reduces aches and pains, and limits the severity of injuries that can occur. It helps to improve rider performance, boosting flexibility and core strength as well as specific conditioning for riding muscles.

To be Rider Fit you must work the muscles riders use. You must also use them in a similar way to when you ride. This is what will transfer benefit to your riding. So whilst you may be fit generally, it doesn’t mean you’re riding fit.

Clare comments:

What sits at the core of RiderCise is this – the type of exercise undertaken must transfer benefit to your riding, or it’s not really rider fitness.

Riders from around the world at all levels from amateur to FEI level are benefitting from RiderCise. Sign Up today and start improving your riding, posture, and seat.

RiderCise On Demand is the Worlds most affordable Rider Fitness Platform.

RiderCise On Demand available on any device with internet connection

Subscription to the RiderCise On Demand Platform gives riders:

  • Immediate access to PROVEN RiderCise® Signature Workout Routines.
  • Workout routines to suit various fitness levels, goals, or time restraints.
  • Workouts with little or no equipment – foundation level doesn’t require any!
  • Freedom to work out at home
  • The confidence their workouts will be benefiting their riding.
  • New workout routine drops which focus on specific rider challenges and imbalances

Improving your Rider Fitness couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is sign up for a subscription and you can access all of the RiderCise Workouts on any device with an internet connection. And Don’t worry, if you need help or support, you also get access to the RiderCise Support Group on Facebook.

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