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I Believe Every Rider Can Be GREAT!


Being a good rider isn’t about what level you ride at or how people view you.

A good rider is someone who is consistently trying to be the best they can, for themselves and their horse and ultimately. The partnership.

Who Am I?

I am an avid rider who has ridden for over 20 years and I have 4 beautiful Friesian Mares at home, in Shropshire.

Since the age of 18, I have always been incredibly fit but I learned that none of it helped my riding when I fell at speed from Annick (pictured). That fall changed my life! 

Having had many falls in my time, like most riders, I was never really phased and got straight back on but the fall from Annick shattered my confidence and my self-belief in my ability.

I did get back on straight after, high from adrenaline, but after that. I was just so anxious.

In honesty, I felt lost and unsure of what the future held for my riding. But being the person I am, I dedicated myself to making sure I was the best I could be for Annick and to ensure that no rider ever felt like I did about themselves or their riding.

Being a great rider isn’t about your level or status, it is a rider who constantly strives to improve themselves for the benefit of their horse. Who is open to learning, evolving, and even going against the grain in the interest of horse welfare.

Today, I work with riders across the world in the Strong Confident Rider Program, Bespoke Rider fitness Programs and providing educational courses, articles and webinars.

My combined knowledge and hands-on experience as a Coach, Fitness Professional, Soft Tissue Therapist, and Rider. Makes me one of the most qualified Equestrian Fitness Experts in the UK.


Image of Clare and her horse Annick
Rider Fitness Program Review Quote

The Strong Confident Rider Program

For women who want to bring back the
Joy, Strength and Confidence
to their riding - And their life!

Pre-Register now – Program Starts 3rd October 2024

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RiderCise Transforms Riders to be

Strong Confident, Stable & Able in the Saddle

Riding is one of life’s great joys – being outside, being present and connecting with your horse.

But, as we get older, we can lose our confidence. Start to doubt our abilities and not feel as strong as we used to – in all areas of life.

  • A 6 Month Proven Rider-Specific Program Delivered Online - Short Simple Workouts that have been a 'Game-Changer' for riders Globally

    The program has been expertly put together for you. Taking all the thinking and planning away to allow you to just progress. You will know when to workout and how often and have full instructional videos to follow, so you get the most out of every workout in the comfort of your own home.

    The workouts are simple and highly effective which have been proven to transfer benefits to your riding for all riding levels. They allow you to gradually gain control over your body and become aware of its function and movement. Your mobility and balance improve, allowing you to focus on enjoying riding and being able to communicate effectively with your horse. Through your body, seat and subtle aids.  

    The workouts are all done at home, delivered via an app with ‘follow-along’ videos of each workout. The app offers you accountability with notifications, ‘check-in’ for all workouts and I have visibility of your progress.  

    • Fitness & Performance Coaching with Clare - Rider Fitness & Wellness Coach and Mentor

    Having worked with Riders worldwide from the leisure riders to the adventurous and the aspiring elite. I formulated plans to help riders improve their riding function and ability, become resilient to injury, and improve overall quality of life.  I take the thinking and planning out of progress and development and deliver structure paths for you to follow.

    Every Support Call with me allows you to ask any questions you have and for me to share all my knowledge and experience to help you to develop as a rider, physically and mentally.

    With knowledge, positive outlooks and being surrounded by people who believe in you gives you the power to gain control over your life, your riding and your perspective

      • Mindset Coaching with Dr Tracey Cole -Master NLP Trainer, Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Trainer of Time Line Therapy® and Master Coach.

      Tracey provides techniques and concepts that help you to shape your mindset – gaining more confidence in yourself your riding, and your ability to be a stronger and more confident rider,

      As well as removing those things that hold you back, such as self-limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubt. She also works to show you how to maintain the focus and motivation required to achieve your goals and targets. 

        • Center 10 Psychology Coaching with Diana Burgess - Eventer & Coach and Lucinda Green Acadamy Team Member

          As a 3* Eventer and Coach who has worked with some of the top names in the industry, Diana knows all too well how stress and pressure can build and destroy us from within.

          Diana focuses on helping you to broaden your perspective and understand the way you think, your feelings and motives.  With greater insight into your values and beliefs, it gives you greater clarity on what you want from your partnership with your horse and a pathway to achieve them.

            • Hormonal and Menopause Nutrition Coaching with Julia Tyrer - Certified Nutrition Coach - BAHons MCMA

            Julia provides simple and effective nutritional advice and guidance to help you deal with the changes and challenges that menopause brings.

            Irrelevant of your age, it will happen to all women. Taking control of the types of foods you eat can greatly reduce or eradicate the imbalanced feelings of uncertainty, distress, and depression as well as, fatigue and aches & pains. 

              • Join a Community of Like Minded Riders

              There is nothing more motivating than engaging with riders just like you. Who understands exactly where you are. Your frustrations, your desires and the daily struggle you go through. When you join our community, you become family. We are all there to help you. 

                For women who want to bring back the Joy, Strength and Confidence to their riding and life!

                The Program Starts 3rd October 24

                Pre-Register to Save £250!!!


                Pre- Register Now

                The Rider Core Course

                The Rider Core Course© is a half-day (6 hours) of interactive, practical, and fun learning. After the course, you will leave knowing:

                • NWhat your core really is and the role your posture plays in its ability to function:
                • N How functional your core is currently on the ground and in the saddle
                • NHow it feels when you use your core in the saddle vs not being able to engage it correctly.
                • NHow to strengthen your core with specific 'off the horse' exercises Static
                The Riders Core
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                RiderCise On Demand Membership

                Rider Fitness made ‘Affordable, Achievable and Accessible‘ with the RiderCise On Demand Membership.

                Access over 50+ Rider-Specific Workouts with On Demand Membership – Access ‘Anywhere, Anytime‘ with a browser on your phone, TV, Tablet or Desktop.

                RiderCise On Demand Membership makes Rider Fitness – Accessible, Affordable, Achieveable!