Your subscription to RiderCise On Demand has been set up successfully.

Horse Rider Fitness Specialist, Clare & her Friesian Mare - Annick
  • 1. Check your Email Inbox

Go to the inbox of the e-mail address you used to sign up. You will receive a number of emails:

  •  A Welcome Email
  • A Receipt of your purchase
  • Working out with RiderCise Email
  • 2. Accessing the Platform

Your username and password are what you set when you registered and made your payment.

  • By visiting www.ridercise.co.uk you will see the option to ‘Sign In’ under the menu option ‘On Demand Membership’
  • From your ‘Dashboard’ you can access all of the workouts
  • From your ‘Account’ you can manage your subscription

Dedicated and Flexible Subscriptions renew automatically until cancelled.